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Cats with Harness: How to Get Them Accustomed to Walking on a Leash

How to Get Them Accustomed to Walking on a Leash

by Philip Mckinney
escape-proof cat harness

It is increasingly common to see cat owners walking through the park carrying cats on a harness. It is not an easy task, but if you are patient, you can achieve it. Here, we will try to explain how to get him used to walking on a leash.

Many owners wonder if they could walk their cat when they see it hanging out the window. However, their fear that the cat might get scared and run away is stronger, and they don’t even try. Using a harness can help you safely experience outdoor walks with your cat. This way, you can enjoy watching your kitten enjoy new experiences without getting hurt or lost.

We’ll also point you to where you can buy an escape-proof cat harness so that you won’t lose them during the lessons!

What Does a Cat Harness Consist Of?

A cat harness is nothing more than a strap that fits on the animal’s body, making it safer than a simple collar. It is usually made of resistant and durable material and has buckles that allow adjustment according to the cat’s size without compressing it.

It can be purchased in stores specializing in animal supplies like Whisker Wonder and usually comes in different models, sizes, and colors. Also, it usually comes with a matching strap.

There are type H harness models and type eight models. Model eight is the most used cat harness escape-proof because it is more difficult for your cat to remove it. The idea is to take your cat when you go to buy it and try which one best suits its body and temperament.

The cat harness can be used not only to go for a walk with your cat but also as a very practical tool if you have to take your pet to the vet while it is in the car or hold it if you want to bathe it. In the case of walks, the harness can be useful to keep the animal within reach while doing activities such as climbing trees, scratching bark, marking its territory, or hunting for butterflies.

Additionally, walking your cat with a harness can help you create a stronger bond with your pet. While it’s true that your cat will enjoy a walk outside, it’s important to first evaluate whether he tolerates the harness. It also happens that many cats do not like to be handled or are afraid of outside noises and may feel anxious.


How To Teach Your Cat To Use the Harness

Even when it’s an escape-proof cat harness, the first thing you should do is leave it in its bed or near its food bowl so that it gets used to your presence if you intend to use a harness with your cat. Once you notice that he is not afraid of the harness, place him on his back and reward him with a snack or a game.

The adaptation process to wearing the true love harness is a process that takes time. Your cat must be calm, and you should never force him to use it. Let him walk around the house with his harness on until he realizes he has it on. Once your cat gets used to the harness, put the leash on it and let it walk around the house, dragging it for a few minutes. You can use a cat harness and leash escape-proof for this walk around.

You should repeat this process several times a day until you feel confident that your cat has adapted to both the harness and the leash. Please note that this may take between one and three weeks.

When your cat becomes tolerant of the harness and leash, you can start walking him inside the house. If you live in a building, walk him through the hallways, letting your cat set the pace and go wherever he wants. Your cat should have the freedom to smell everything as it pleases and take its time. Repeat these walks for a few days. If everything goes well, then you can embark on the adventure of taking him for a walk.

At this time your cat must adapt to its new environment, so it is ideal that you take it out during hours of little human and vehicle traffic, on mild days, and when you feel that it is relaxed. Always start with short walks, pay attention, and make sure he is calm.

The most important and essential thing, if you are going to go outside, your cat must have a collar with identification or a microchip. This way, if your cat gets scared and gets lost, you will be able to find it. Another way to prevent your cat from getting lost is with an escape-proof cat harness.

What You Need To Teach Your Cat To Use the Harness

The key to teaching your cat to use the harness is patience and safety. If you don’t feel ready, it is preferable to leave your cat at home. On the other hand, you need a well-fitting cat harness escape-proof; a dog harness does not work since the cat’s anatomy is different.

The strap must be nylon or fabric. Never use heavy chains or flexi-type straps. Initially, use a leash that is not too long until you and your cat get used to it. Bring a treat if you need to attract him to you. Being able to go for a walk with your cat is an enriching experience that will benefit both of you.


Recall that you must be ready whenever you want to train your cat to get used to its harness. This process requires lots of patience, and your cat can even get lost. Hence, it would help if you had an escape-proof cat harness that’ll keep your pet safe and sound during the entire process. You can buy your cat harness and leash escape-proof at Whisker Wonder Store!


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