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Privacy Policy

by Philip Mckinney

Your personal information is not disclosed to third parties or stored by the owner of the Blueskyfoundationforanimals blog for any other reason than to monitor the effectiveness of the content through cookies. By changing the settings in your Internet browser, you can always turn this off.

The owner disclaims all liability for any illegal reposting of this blog’s material on other platforms.

Guidelines for blog comments

The site’s owner maintains the right to edit or remove blog comments at any time and without prior notice for the reasons listed below:

  • Comments deemed spam
  • Comments containing vulgarity
  • Comments containing language or emotions that could be objectionable
  • Comments addressed to a specific person.

Cookies policy

You can choose to save your name, website, and email address in cookies when you leave a comment on our website. So that you don’t have to enter your information twice when submitting a post or comment, these are provided for your convenience. These cookies are shelf-stable for a year.

We will also create a number of cookies when you log in to remember your login details and screen display preferences. While cookies for screen choices last for a year, cookies for login only last for two days. Your login details will be retained for two weeks if you choose “Remember Me.” When you log out of your account, the login cookies are deleted.

What control over your data do you have?

You can request an image file of the personal data we have on file, including any data you have given to us, if you have a profile on our site or have left comments. You may also ask us to remove any personal data we may hold about you. Any information that we are required to preserve for administrative, security, or legal reasons is excluded from this.

This privacy statement was made on August 22, 2022, and it may be changed at any moment in the future without notice. You should come back to this page to see whether this privacy statement has changed in the future.