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Discover 9 Essential Cat Accessories – NOW!

If you are thinking about adopting a cat, read on to learn about the essential accessories for this pet! In this news, you'll also find out about the best store to shop for all healthy pet products.

by Philip Mckinney
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Cat accessories are not only useful for beautifying the environment. In all cases, they are crucial to ensuring the well-being of your four-legged child, reducing their stress levels, and improving their quality of life.

If you are thinking about adopting a cat, read on to learn about the essential accessories for this pet! In this news, you’ll also find out about the best store to shop for all healthy pet products.

What Accessories Can’t Be Missing for a Cat?

Fortunately, it seems that felines are winning over everyone after being greatly revered and treated as deities by ancient civilizations. And with the increased interest in cats, it makes sense that questions arise about how to care for cats.

More and more people are choosing to take care of cats and enjoying the benefits of this relationship, as they are animals that adapt well to smaller environments and don’t require (much) work. However, the independence of cats does not mean that they do not need certain care.

A new kitten coming home can be an emotional experience, but it’s just the beginning. Once you have made this decision, you must prepare your home for the arrival of your new pet. Give yourself enough time to plan and prepare so that your new pet has everything it needs for a long and happy life in its new home. Check out below which accessories you can’t miss for your cat!

1. Litter Box

A new pet joining the family is a joyous occasion. However, in certain situations, it can cause a bit of a headache, particularly regarding the puppy’s needs. With cats, this isn’t as worrying, because cats often already know where to pee and poop: in a litter box.

To do this, however, you need to prepare a good bathroom for your new companion. One of the first items that your cat cannot miss is the famous litter box. There are several models on the market, including open, closed, and with a siege. Find the option that best fits your profile from the Whisker Wonder store, and then place it in a suitable place—your four-legged friend’s bathroom.

2. Feeder

Pet feeders are safe for your friend as they are made from non-toxic materials. Additionally, cats have some unique characteristics when it comes to eating. A very popular example is a cat’s whiskers. As they have a high level of sensitivity, they can make eating in deeper dishes more difficult.

The whiskers end up touching the feeder, which makes the felines uncomfortable. Look for a cat-specific feeder with a shape designed just for them! The Whisker Wonder Store has countless of these and other luxury pet accessories.

3. Drinking Fountain

You’ve probably heard someone say that cats don’t like drinking water all day. This is concerning because dehydration is one of cats’ biggest causes of kidney problems and other illnesses.

Due to the fact that cats are more attracted to running water, it is essential to have a cat drinking fountain at home, preferably a fountain model. If investing in a fountain is not an option, distributing several water containers around the house to encourage liquid consumption is another option.

4. Scratcher

A common instinct shared by all feline species is to sharpen their claws. The big thing is that when they do this, cats often end up scratching various household objects, such as furniture, curtains, or sofas.

It is crucial to invest in a cat scratching post, which is a specific accessory made for this purpose, to prevent this from becoming a common problem in your life. This way, your friend will be able to meet their physical needs, and you won’t have to worry about your furniture getting scratched.

5. Brush

A brushing routine for your cat, whether furry or not, is crucial. Frequent brushing removes dead fur from animals and gives brushed cats more attractive coats.

Brushing your cat prevents the famous hairballs, which can harm a cat’s health and should be avoided. Among the brush models offered, the FURminator is known for removing dead hair, something that conventional brushes cannot do.

6. Collar With Identification

The cat collar with identification is a safety and luxury pet accessory that can save your pet’s life. Although many cats do not walk the street alone, escapes cannot be excluded, a cat is an exploratory and curious animal, it is part of its instinct.

Even though they are domesticated animals, any lapse in attention can lead them to run away, such as in situations of anxiety and stress. In these situations, the likelihood of a domestic cat returning home increases when it wears an identification collar. Therefore, invest in a collar with identification that includes the animal’s name, a number with an area code, and the name of the owner.

7. Toys

Felines may have a reputation for being lazy, but anyone who has ever lived with one knows they like having fun. And cat toys are crucial for increasing your furry friend’s activity levels. Experts warn against buying items that are not designed for pets. These items often have the potential to contain materials that are harmful to your feline or have sharp edges, which could result in accidents.

Invest in products suitable for cats, like kitten chew toys, to avoid headaches. Veterinarians highly recommend interactive toys that give pets the typical feeling of hunting rewards!

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8. Bed

No matter how much your cat climbs onto the bed or sofa, it is crucial that he has his own bed. This is where he will run if he is upset or has to take an uninterrupted nap.

9. Transport Box

Another essential healthy pet product for cats is the transport box. It is the safest way to take your pet to the vet or when traveling. When choosing the best carrier, consider your pet’s size and personality. For example, a transport container is good if the cat is the most agitated and aloof type.


These nine accessories and more are products you need to prepare for your feline friend to keep it healthy and loving always. You can find all these accessories in a single pet store, but you only need to shop at a reputable one to get the best quality product at reasonable prices. Suppose you’re looking to adopt a cat or have one already and want to get it comfortable around your home. In that case, check out the collection of healthy pet products available at the Whisker Wonder store.