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The Best Fabrics When You Have Pets

by Philip Mckinney

Pets are great companions in life and are capable of bringing joy to every home. Life with pets always brings joy and helps to overcome difficult moments in a simpler way, accompanied by love that is unconditional.


It is important to adapt the house to your pet when you have a pet. In this sense, fabrics and apparels for pets are what we must observe the most in order to find a balance between life with pets and home fabrics.


In this article, we will discuss what you need to know about apparel that is best for you when you have a pet at home. Also, we will point you to where you can buy and shop for all your pet feeders and accessories.

Pet Hair Removal Roller
Pet Hair Removal Roller

fabrics and pets

The first thing to clarify is that not all fabrics recommended for pets have to be treated in a special way. The most important thing is that they meet a series of characteristics that make them good at resisting life with pets. This means to resist scratches, hair, and dirt that have to do with life with animals. Next, we will see the main characteristics that upholstery fabrics must meet to best withstand life with pets at home.

Dust mite protection

The first thing that must be taken into account is that the fabrics incorporate some type of protection against fungi, mites, and bacteria. This can be done through ecological methods that eliminate the presence of microorganisms.

Ease of maintenance

When you have pets in the home, fabrics in different parts of the house can get dirty much faster. For this reason, it is advisable to go for fabrics that are easy to clean and do not require many products or time to do so.


The fabrics used for upholstery in homes with pets must be durable over time. This will save money on changing these fabrics.

Excellent fabrics for pets

Now that we have seen what a fabric must have to withstand life with pets in the home adequately, we will see some alternatives that can work well. Here are three types of fabrics that can work well in homes with pets.


  1. Suede

When we talk about chamois for homes with pets, we mean soft chamois. It is a fabric that stands out in particular for its resistance, but without losing its softness. Something that characterizes soft suede is that it is a type of fabric that does not retain stains and is also durable. It is usually considered one of the best fabrics for houses where pets and small children live. It is a material that is sewn firmly, so it is cat scratch-proof.

  1. Microfiber

Microfiber is a synthetic fabric. It is distinguished by being both sturdy and delicate to the touch. It is regarded as one of the best pet-proof textiles available. Furthermore, it is an easy-to-clean fabric that takes less time to work effectively, making it an outstanding animal-proof fabric.

  1. Leather

Finally, we cannot fail to mention leather. The leather is soft and does not attract animal hair. Also, cats tend to hate the texture of leather, so they tend to avoid it and don’t often scratch it. Dogs are also often indifferent to leather. In addition, if it could be damaged, the leather has large spaces for its maintenance, making its repair simple and accessible.


Finding the type of material suitable for your home when you have a pet is no different from finding the best apparel for pets. But don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered for all your pet’s accessories, including the airtag collarspet hair removal rollers, etc. At Paws and Claws Boutique, we have all you need for the welfare of your pet.

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