Home PET BREED A Tennessee man abandons a dog because it is “gay.”

A Tennessee man abandons a dog because it is “gay.”

abandons a dog

by Philip Mckinney
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The cute and loving gay bulldog in Tennessee, who was given up by his owner because he was gay, is now safe in his new home, where he was adopted despite all the tragic conditions he encountered. According to reports, the Tennessee gay bulldog’s owner left the animal at a Jackson, Tennessee, high-kill shelter. He claimed that because his pet was gay, he had to throw him out.

Gay bulldog on Jackson Tennessee Euthanasia Facebook group

The gay bulldog in Tennessee news spread as a result of an individual who posted a plea for help on a Facebook page related to Jackson, TN, Euthanasia. This Facebook group was created to make sure that all the dogs in high-tech shelters in Tennessee and the nearby areas are kept in secure places before undergoing euthanasia.

The gay bulldog’s owner turned over to RC

The Tennessee gay bulldog’s owner was turned over to RC for this reason—he claimed that the dog was gay, though not because of his cruel or disorderly personality. The owner of the gay bulldog of Tennessee decided to dump him after he had sex with another male dog. The reason is that the owner can’t bare having a gay dog in his household. Although I’ve heard of far worse incidents, the Tennessee bulldog owner was discriminatory. Since it is a common behavior for most dogs, the dog safety community is supposed to take action due to the harshness that the gay bulldog in Tennessee experienced. Currently, the gay bulldog owner is in Kennel 10L, and as there is no room in the inn, it is believed that he will be put down tomorrow.male dogs engaging

Whereabouts of gay bulldog in Tennessee

The Jackson Tennessee Euthanasia Facebook page is to be thanked for publicizing the heartbreaking news about the white and black gay bulldog in Tennessee. The gay bulldog, who goes by the name Elton, is currently residing with a loving, caring, and a responsible dog owner. The gay bulldog’s current owner is a vet tech professional, Stephanie Fryns, who reports that Elton, the gay dog from TN, is friendly and slowly recovering from anxiety. She added that Elton, the bulldog from Tennessee, enjoys taking road trips. Thanks to the vet tech’s family for welcoming Elton, the gay bulldog, to their home despite the fact that he is gay.

Importance of training all dog owners

According to nature, male dogs engaging in sexual intercourse with those of their kind is all about dominance. All dog owners should be educated on this so as to avoid an incident like the prior one. Regardless of their sex, dogs of either sex frequently mount on one another. This happens as an attempt to establish a place in the group. It’s heartbreaking to see a beloved white and black bulldog, like Elton the gay bulldog, put to death for his owner’s strange behavior. If you are an educated dog owner, try to get your fellow dog owners to become educated as well so that we may ensure that these animals live in harmony.

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