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Basenji puppies and dogs


by Philip Mckinney
Basenji dog breeds

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Basenji Information

Where did Basenjis originate?

Basenji dog breeds are among the earliest dog breeds, as shown by DNA analysis and images of their breed found on Pharaoh tombs from 3600 B.C. In the 1930s, they were introduced from Central Africa (now the Congo), and they were swiftly domesticated in America and Canada.

How Many Different Basenji Breeds Exist?

With the exception of color variations, there is just one type of Basenji.

What other breeds get along well with Basenjis?

Baseagle(Beagle + Basenji)

A Cardigan Welsh Corgi and a Basenji are combined to create the Corsengi breed.

Eskenji (American Eskimo Dog x Basenji)

A Great Dane and a Basenji mix are known as a Great Basenji.

A Labrador Retriever and a Basenji are crossed to create the Labrasenji breed.Basenji dog breeds

Basenji dog breed Lifespan 

Basenjis live for 12 to 16 years on average.

Basenji dog breed Measurements (Height & Weight)

Basenji dog breeds are tiny to medium-sized dogs that usually grow to be 16 to 17 inches tall and weigh 21 to 24 pounds on average.

Basenji dog breed appearance

What colors are there for basenji dog breeds?

Basenji dog breeds come in brindle, multicolored, red and white, and black and white variations.

How often do Basenji dog breeds shed?

Basenji dog breeds don’t shed much.

Is Basenji dog breed grooming required?

A basenji dog breed needs very little grooming. This breed will benefit from routine brushing and the occasional bath. They are a particularly hygienic breed that, like cats, routinely grooms itself.

Basenji dog breed’s temperament, personality, and training¬†

Do they bark much?

The “barkless dog” nickname is given to the Basenji. Not because it is absolutely silent but because they have a distinctive cry or bray that sounds like a yodel instead of barking. Any dog’s barking can be controlled with the right training and exercise.

Are Basenjis friendly toward kids?

While Basenjis may be reserved around young children, older kids benefit greatly from their high levels of energy.

To ensure the safety of both the child and the dog, it is necessary that your youngster constantly be monitored when interacting with your Basenji dog breed.

Do Basenji dog breeds make good family dogs?

Basenjis are powerful dogs. They tend to form close relationships with just one or two people at a time, which makes them the perfect pet for small families who value freedom like such a large dog and autonomy like a cat.

Do Basenjis and cats get along?

Due to their high prey drive, basenji dog breeds were not always bred to get along with cats. Both dogs and cats have individual preferences and temperaments, but you may be pretty sure that your Basenji dog breed and your cat will get along just fine if socialized and exposed to each other at a young age.

Is training a Basenji an easy process?

Training Basenji dog breeds might require time, patience, and a sense of humor because they are independent, stubborn dog breed.

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