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Collie Puppies and Dogs

by Philip Mckinney
Collie Dog Breed

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Collie Dog Breed Information

What Country Are Collie Dog Breeds From?

The Collie dog breed is a breed that was developed in Scotland and Northern England, where in the 18th century they were used as herding dogs.

What Sorts of Collie Dog Breeds Exist?

Colliedog breeds come in two varieties: rough and smooth. The majority of people see rough collies—collies with long hair—when they think of a collie because they are the most prevalent. Short-haired Smooth Collie dog breeds can be more timid and fearful than Rough Collie dog breeds. They also have their own heritage and tricolor markings.

Which Breeds Mix with Collie Dog Breeds?

Afollie is a mix of Afghan Hound + Collie

Cadoodle is a mix of Collie + Poodle

Boxollie is a mix of Boxer + Collie

Gollie is a mix of Golden Retriever + Collie

Sprollie is a mix of English Springer Spaniel + Collie

Collie Dog Breed Size (Height & Weight)

Collie dog breeds are medium-sized dogs, averaging 40 to 65 pounds and 20 to 24 inches in height.

Characteristics of a Collie Dog Breed

What Colors are Collie Dog Breeds Available in?

Collies dog breeds come in a variety of colors, such as white, sable, tricolor, and blue merle.

Collie Dog Breed

Collie Dog Breed

How Much Do Collie dog breeds Shed?

Collies can shed light to heavy, but that’s nothing a weekly brushing can’t take care of!

Is Collie Dog Breed Grooming Required?

A Collie is fairly easy to groom: Rough-coated Collies need to have their thick, dense coats regularly trimmed to stop shedding. Collies with silkier coats and shorter hair will need less maintenance.

Collie Dog Breed temperament, personality, and training

Do They Bark Much?

Like the majority of herding dog breeds, collie dog breeds are highly vocal. They can be trained to stop barking just as effectively as any other dog breed with the right training and exercise.

Do Collie Dog Breeds Get Along Well with Kids?

Collie dog breeds are renowned for being wonderful with children. They are excellent at playing with, taking care of, protecting, and even rescuing children because they are such incredibly sensitive dog breeds.

Your little child must always be closely watched when dealing with your Collie dog breed in order to keep them both safe.

Do Collie Dog Breeds Make Good Family Dogs?

Collie dog breeds truly fit the definition of family dog in every way. They enjoy spending time with kids and are bright, devoted, gregarious, affectionate, and kind.

Can Collie Dog Breeds and Cats Coexist?

Collie dog breeds are gentle with all animals, even cats, despite the fact that occasionally they might chase them due to their herding instincts. All dog breeds and cats show individual preferences and temperaments, but if properly socialized and introduced to your cat at a young age, you may be pretty sure that your Collie fog breed will get along just as well with your cat.

Can Collie Dog Breeds Be Trained Easily?

Collie dog breeds are exceptionally intelligent and easy to train, especially indoors.

Collie Dog Breeds Health

Are There Many Health Problems With Collie Dog Breeds?

Collie dog breeds have a long lifespan and are a hardy dog breed.



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