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Shar Pei Puppies and Dogs

by Philip Mckinney
Shar Pei Dog Breeds

Information about Shar Pei Dog Breeds

Where Did Shar Pei Dog Breeds Come From?

It is believed that the Shar Pei dog breed has existed since at least 200 B.C. According to legend, the Kwantung region of Southern China is where Shar Pies first appeared. In the past, Shar Pies were employed as farm dogs to protect property and livestock.

How Many Distinct Varieties of Shar Pei Dog Breeds Exist?

Regular, mini, and toy sizes are available for the Shar Pei dog breed. Furthermore, American Shar Pei dog breeds have considerably more pronounced wrinkles and features than the original Chinese Shar Pei due to poor breeding practices.

Which Breeds Mix Well with Shar Pei Dog Breeds?

Ba-Shar originate from Basset Hound + Shar Pei

BoxPei originates from Boxer + Shar Pei

Fuzzy Walrus originate from Shar Pei + Cocker Spaniel.

Sarmatian originate from Shar Pei + DalmatianShar Pei Dog Breeds

Shampoo originates from Shar Pei + Poodle

Shar Pei Dog Breed’s Lifespan

Shar Peis have a lifespan of around 9-11 years approximately.

Shar Pei Dog Breed’s Size (Height & Weight)

Shar Peis are medium dogs; most of them are found to weigh 35-45 lbs and stand around 18-20 inches tall.

Shar Pei Dog Breed’s Appearance

What Colors do Shar Pei Dog Breeds Exist?

The various colors of a Shar Pei dog breed include red, fawn, cream, brown, black, and apricot.

How Much Shedding Can Shar Pei Dog Breed Experience?

Shar Pei dog breeds rarely shed.

Is Shar Pei Dog Breed Training Required?

Shar Pei dog breeds don’t need much upkeep since excessive bathing would irritate their skin, and regular brushing would help with their skin and fur. It is essential to completely dry them after a bath to stop yeast or fungus from forming in their numerous creases.

The Shar Pei Dog Breeds Temperament, Personality, and Training

How Much Is Bark Produced by Shar Pei Dog Breeds?

Shar Pei dog breeds are peaceful dogs that only bark when something needs their attention. Any dog’s barking can be curbed with the right training and exercise.

How do Shar Pei dog breeds get along with kids?

Shar Pei dog breeds are ideally coupled with older children or carefully socialized from a young age because many dogs, especially Shar Pei dog breeds, are sensitive to boisterous behavior that children are prone to. Dog owners are mostly advised to make sure that they are always watching their children when interacting with the medium-sized Shar Pei dog breed in order to avoid any harm.

Do Shar Pei Dog Breeds Make Good Family Pets?

The demeanor of the Shar Pei dog breed has changed substantially over the past few decades making them become more like a friendly family member. Despite being somewhat suspicious of strangers, they are fiercely devoted to their owners. For them to be sociable, you will have to train them at an early age.

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