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The Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

by Philip Mckinney
Poodle Dog Breed

Research suggests that dogs engage in a variety of intelligence-related behaviors. They develop emotional bonds with their owners, may feel jealous, pick up on body language and other cues, and improve our daily lives. These traits are almost certainly the result of evolution, with dogs that were best suited to coexist with humans being chosen.

The top dogs in three categories—obedience, instinctive intelligence, and adaptive intelligence—are listed in psychologist Stanley Coren’s renowned book The Intelligence of Dogs. Find out if your adorable pet is one of the top 10 smartest dogs by reading on!

  1. Border Collie Dog Breed

The Border collie dog breed is the smartest dog in the world when it comes to obedience training. The Border collie dog breed picks up instructions five times quicker than other intelligent breeds, which require 20 to 45 repetitions. The breed has exceptional memory for past experiences, which suggests a very adaptable IQ. They are recognized as the best sheepherders in the world and are the most well-known herding breeds.

  1. Poodle Dog Breed

The French Poodle dog breed, which comes in various sizes, is a highly clever, athletic, and trainable breed. The young ones typically need five repeats to master a fundamental instruction. Poodles exhibit high levels of innate and acquired intelligence. Because they were developed to be water retrievers, they are also excellent swimmers by nature.

  1. German Shepherd Dog Breed

Due to their excellent sense of smell, German shepherd dog breeds are the most preferred police, guard, and military dogs. They can successfully carry out a known command with a 95% or higher success rate on the first try. Few animals are capable of such feats! They are instinctive and very adaptable. The temperament, strength, and endurance of the German shepherd combine to make it a superior working dog. They can thus be trained to carry out challenging tasks including smelling, tracking, and detection of explosives or drugs.

German Shepherd Dog Breed

German Shepherd Dog Breed

  1. Golden Retriever Dog Breed

A great family pet is the Golden Retriever dog breed. They are affectionate and caring by nature. As their name suggests, they are retrieving and sporting dogs. They were developed to deliver birds and other animals to their owners with little damage. High intellect is necessary to be able to return an animal without harming it. These dogs may be expected to act consistently in a range of situations due to their desire to please people. The capacity to follow instructions from their owners and complete duties is also a sign of intelligence in dogs.

  1. Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed

The sixth smartest breed of dog is the Doberman pinscher dog breed. They make the best security dogs since they can spot possible dangers and tell friends from foes. Doberman Pinschers are used in a variety of services, including therapy dogs, search and rescue, and police and military work.

  1. Shetland Sheepdog Dog Breed

Shetland sheepdog dog breed, like Border Collies, are excellent herding dogs. It comes naturally to them with instinctual intellect despite little to no human training. They detect flock movement and coordinate their movements. It takes a certain type of intelligence to round up sheep, organize them into formations, drive them in a specified direction, and push them.


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