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AMERICAN SHEPHERDS: Basic Care of this Affectionate Breed of Dog

by Philip Mckinney

Also known as the miniature Australian shepherd, the miniature American shepherd is an all-American dog. Originally bred in California in the 1960s, this breed is a small-to-medium-size herding dog breed with a medium-length double coat. It looks more like the smaller version of the Australian shepherd.

Research even suggests that the miniature American shepherd was bred down from the Australian shepherds and still possesses some of the features of its cousins. These dogs are highly intelligent, adaptable, adventurous, and prefer an active lifestyle.

What are the Characteristics of the Miniature American Shepherd?

In general, the miniature American shepherd has a lively and loyal personality. They’re highly playful and love staying around people and even dogs of other breeds. These dogs have a medium-length coat which may be straight or slightly wavy, with feathering on the back of their legs and a mane around their neck.

The coat of the mini American shepherd comes in either blue or red merle, red or black tricolor, and white or tan markings. These dogs can become nervous and destructive when left alone for a while without proper mental and physical exercise.

How Can I Take Proper Care of My Miniature American Shepherd?

As stated earlier, this breed can become nervous and destructive when proper mental and physical exercise isn’t administered. To this effect, the miniature American shepherd requires many exercises daily. It also needs proper training and socialization, not forgetting its grooming. Below is a rundown of the basic care of the miniature American shepherd.


The coat of the miniature American shepherd is more like wash-and-wear. It doesn’t require trimming or shaving. Instead, brush the coat at least weekly to eliminate loose fur and prevent tangles.

At certain seasons of the year, like during springs and fall, the shedding of its fur will increase. At this period, brush her coat at least twice weekly to clear off loose fur. Remember to bathe your dog at least every month, depending on how stinky it gets. Check its nails to know if they’ll need trimming, and also check the ears at least weekly for wax build-up, irritations, and debris. Wrap it all up with a clean tooth by brushing daily.


These breeds are smart and athletic, requiring more mental challenges to keep them active, healthy, and happy. If not, they will likely develop certain behaviors like excessive barking and constant chewing. Set out time for your dog, at least 40-70 minutes of walking, playtime, jogging, and hikes. These breeds love being happy with people rather than being left alone with their toys. Talking about toys, you can give them puzzle toys that stimulate them mentally.


The miniature American shepherds are quite smart and eager to please their owners, making them highly trainable. Start its training from a young age as a puppy with obedience training. Basic obedience training will prevent bad habits from sprouting in your dogs. Also, it would help if you start socializing your dog with other dogs, different people, and locations right from when it’s a puppy. This will help build its comfort and confidence, helping it grow into the perfect pet you desire.



The miniature American shepherds are active and highly intelligent dogs that prefer spending quality time with their family and other dogs. Due to their agility and intelligence, these dogs have earned major roles in Hollywood movies like Good Boy, Cats and Dogs, and Air Bud: Seventh Inning fetch.

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