by Philip Mckinney

The miniature golden doodle is a small-medium sized dog that is very affectionate and attentive. These breeds result from a cross between golden retrievers and miniature, also called ‘toy poodle.’ Originally bred in the late 1960s as guide dogs, miniature golden poodles have an average weight of about 20-50 pounds and a life span of 10-15 years.

Taking proper care of a mini golden poodle is essential for a pet owner. Since it’s a cross between golden retrievers and poodles, it’ll require special attention to the specialized needs of both parents cross. So, without taking much of your time, let’s have a look at the basic care of mini golden doodles.

How Can I Take Proper Care of My Mini Golden Doodle?

Taking care of your mini golden doodle revolves around proper grooming and socializing them while keeping them physically and mentally fit.

  • Grooming A Mini Golden Doodle

With a blocky Head, cute round eyes, and curly coats, most puppies of the mini golden doodle are often showcased as ‘teddy bear Dogs.’ This breed comes in different coats, from semi-wavy and wavy to golden straight coats. All these coats have a huge grooming task, so you must get them used to a grooming routine.

Though mini golden doodles don’t have the hypoallergenic coat as a standard poodle, each of these three coat types tends to shed less and less dandruff. The rate at which you groom your puppy depends solely on the type of coat he possesses. Mini golden doodles with curly coats require daily brushing, while the straight or wavy coats will be comfortable with one or two times of grooming per week. You can also shower your pup once every 3-4 weeks using a baby wipe (one for each ear).

How Can I Socialize my Mini Golden Doodle?

For every puppy, the first three weeks of its life on earth are crucial as it centers around transforming from a state of total helplessness to learning coping skills to interact with mom, siblings, and other pets or littermates around.

Though you can take a puppy so he gets used to you and your scent, most of his time should be with his family. When separated from his pack at this age, he may become too nervous and tends to bark and bite. This is because he hasn’t learned the lessons from his pack at a tender age.

At seven weeks, a mini golden doodle is ready to move to her permanent home to start an everlasting bond with her human companions. Note that this period of her life is when she gets to learn skills that shape and forever stay in her life. Let everything around you show positivity during this time of rapid learning in your pup.

·   Keeping Your Mini Golden Doodle Fit Mentally and Physically

Poodles and golden retrievers are among the most intelligent dogs in the world. They need various mental activities, attention, and interactions to reduce the probability of getting caught up with bad behavior caused by boredom. These dogs are easy to train and love spending time with family. Consider taking her out for a stroll or have them learn some basic tricks.



Mini golden doodles are highly affectionate dogs that’ll make a perfect addition to the family. Boasting a high level of affection and care, these dogs won’t be much of a stress to take care of. For their feeding, your mini golden doodle’s puppy should be fed at least three times per day with fewer treats between meals.

In addition, ensure you always visit the vet for regular body checks ups for your puppy. By doing all of this, your puppy will definitely stay healthy and active throughout its years on earth.

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