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Things to know about Chow Chow Dogs and puppies

Chow Chow Dogs and puppies

by Philip Mckinney
Chow Chow Dogs

The Chow Chow is referred to as “Puffy Lion Dog.” Chow Chows originated in Northern China and are one of the true ancient breeds that still exist today. Sculptures and pottery from the Han Dynasty (200 BC) feature dogs resembling the modern Chow Chow. The Chow was brought to England via China in the 1700s.

We have just two types of Chow Chows Dogs, and they are smooth-coated Chow Chows and rough-coated Chow Chows.Chow Chow Dogs


Breed Mix with Chow Chow

Akita Chow (Akita + Chow Chow)

Chow Basset (Chow Chow + Basset Hound)

Pitch (American Pitbull Terrier + Chow Chow)

Labrador (Chow Chow + Labrador)

Chucky (Chow Chow + Siberian Husky)

Chow Chow Size (lifespan and colors)


Chow Chows are big dogs, most weighing 45-70 lbs and standing around 18-22 inches tall; they also have a lifespan of around 9-15 years. Chow Chows can be white, cream, fawn, black, red, and blue.

 Chow Chows Shedding and Grooming 

Grooming a Chow Chow is pretty straightforward: they have abundant, thick coats that need to be brushed often to keep the shedding at bay. They are moderate to heavy shedders, with the worst shedding happening only 1-2 times a year, nothing that a daily brushing can’t soothe.


Are Chow Chows good with family and kids?

Chow Chows are quiet, lumbering dogs, almost comically laidback and dominant to the extent that they may appear aloof, especially to strangers. They don’t require a ton of exercise, and they are extremely loyal to their family. They are extremely protective of their own family, including their human children. 

However, the rowdiness of children that are not in their families can cause stress for any animal. Also, the deep-set eyes of a Chow Chow hinder their peripheral vision, so they should be approached from the front so as not to startle them.

As with any breed, it is advised that your child is always supervised when interacting with your Chow Chow to keep both the child and dog safe.


Are Chow Chows good with cats?

Research has shown that Chow Chows enjoy giving chase to cats, but you also might find that they are completely indifferent to them. It all depends on the particular dog. Of course, each dog (and cat) has his preferences and temperament, but you can feel fairly confident in your Chow Chow, if properly socialized to your cat or introduced at a young age, should get along just well.

Chow Chow Dogs

How Much Do Chow Chows Bark?


As with any dog, Chow Chows are alarm barkers, and if they’re regularly left alone for too long. Their alarm barking can transition into disturbance barking. Like most Dogs, they can be restrained from barking as frequently with proper training and exercise.


However, Chow Chows are a generally healthy, sturdy breed. But they are prone to certain diseases like Eye problems, hip and elbow dysplasia, gastric dilatation-volvulus, stomach cancer, stenotic nares or collapsed nostrils, and patellar luxation. This is why it is advised that you should take your pets for checkups with the veterinarian on a 2-3 months basis.

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