by Philip Mckinney

If you’re very conversant with dogs, you may have noticed the bad image being placed on the Pitbull terriers. They’ve been perceived as aggressive and highly dangerous, with different attack cases recorded in the United States. However, these dogs make a perfect family pet when raised correctly as puppies.

Raising a Pitbull puppy is similar to taking care of puppies of other breeds, as you’ll have to feed, train, and nurture your pitbull puppy to be the perfect addition to the family.

Today’s article will take you through the four basic ways of taking care of your pitbull puppies. From training your Pitbull and socializing your Pitbull to feeding and exercising, your pitbull puppies will grow into a loving canines.


The basic care of a Pitbull puppy revolves around training, socializing, feeding, and exercise. Let’s have a good look at these for a sec here.

·         How can I train my Pitbull terriers?

Your Pitbull requires a lot of positive training to enable it to behave properly. These breeds are energetic dogs that tend to hop on visitors and pull on their leash. Start the training by taking your Pitbull puppy to training classes, so he gets some sort of exposure to other dogs. Start all greetings on a leash; do not allow your dog to greet while jumping. With time, she’ll understand and learn that her greetings will only be accepted when calm and polite.

If she starts to pull the leash, then stop walking. If she starts to turn around in a quest to make the leash lose, praise her then and keep walking. All this training will help boost your bond with your dog and reduce the chances of triggering and negative behavior.

·         Socializing Pitbull puppies

Due to their muscular structure, Pitbulls were formerly bred to fight dogs and other animals. So, this gene is quite present in them. However, it can be suppressed with proper care.

Start socializing your Pitbull puppies as soon as possible to curb the probability of showing any aggressive behavior. Note that these dogs can also have a strong prey instinct, so you should start socializing them on a leash. Start the socialization process by teaching him to always look at you on command. Whenever he gets it right, reward him.

When introducing your Pitbull puppies to other dogs, start by calling his name and rewarding him whenever he looks at you. Ensure he responds to your commands and looks at you before letting him sniff other animals.

In addition, reward him with treats and praises whenever he makes any positive interaction like sniffing or trying to play with other animals. If he eventually gets over-excited during this period, try to put him in a time-out space and let him calm down. Remember that even at these fun moments, some dogs may tend to get on the nerves of your Pitbull. Try to watch him closely and know his tolerance level, so you’ll know when to remove your dog when necessary.

·         What and how can I feed my Pitbull?

Just like other mixed breeds, Pitbulls also have certain health problems. However, most are known to be allergic to most foods, so opting for high-quality foods is a must.

If you notice he’s always chewing or scratching, try switching the food under a veterinarian’s supervision. Another notable health problem facing Pitbulls is hip and elbow dysplasia which can be worsened by extra weight. To counter this, feed him the required amount prior to the level of exercise they receive. In all, ensure you check with your veterinarian before switching your Pitbull diet.

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