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CAT BACKPACKS –Things to Consider When Purchasing This Feline Carrier

by Philip Mckinney

Cats are naturally curious creatures; always wanting to know what’s happening in their surroundings. Some may even gaze out the window every day while others settle for a lifestyle packed with additional stimulation.

Sadly, not all felines love the outside world. They don’t like being carried around with a leash, just like dogs. Well, that’s where cat backpacks come into play. Created to make hiking and traveling with your cat easier and a lot more fun, a cat backpack is a bag that you can put your furry friends in and carry them around to wherever you want. It’s more like a carrier, but most preferable to be a backpack that can be worn on the back and also a safe space for your cats when they feel scared.

Using a backpack over a normal carrier ensures your hands are mostly free while adventuring. It also has pockets that enable you to carry essentials like keys, treats, and wipes. Today, there are various types of backpacks with distinct benefits and cons. But remember, the backpack you choose to buy today should depend solely on you and the nature of your cat, not neglecting your plans for it. Still confused about which one to purchase? Let’s have a look at certain things to consider when buying a backpack for your cat.

What To Consider When Buying a Cat Backpack?

·         Size of the Cat Backpack

The backpack you choose to buy should fit the size of your cat. Your felines need to be comfortable, sit in it, stand upright, and even move around easily. Try to check the weight its been rated to and also the dimension. Do these, and compare the results with your cat. Maybe the backpack fits your cat when considering your cat’s weight, but its height may not be appropriate for your cat to be seated upright. No one loves staying hunched over when going on a long trip.

·        The Base of the Backpack

Considering the base of the backpack is also essential. If it is too soft, it may leave a sagging bag, and if it’s very hard, it may be uncomfortable for your cat. With this in mind, manufacturers make backpacks with high cushions for your cat. You can, however, create cushions for your cat using a blanket.

·        Is Your Cat Comfortable in It

This should be of great priority to you regarding purchasing a cat’s backpack. Always ensure the backpack is wide enough for extra space for your cat and high enough so your cat can sit upright.

·        Backpack’s Structure

Most backpacks have a soft structure. This lets you fold the bag and easily store it when not in use. But it might end up folding in on your cat. Also, bags made of plastic may be uncomfortable for your cat and even heat up with time.

·        Air holes and Openings

Cats are living beings who survive on oxygen too. When buying a backpack for them, consider buying one with air holes and windows where they can poke their head out.

·        Your Comfort

After the whole consideration, you will later carry the cat on your back. To this effect, the cat backpack has to be comfortable for you. Try buying backpacks with chest and waist straps that help distribute the weight on you.

·        Price

Depending on your location, the prices of backpacks may vary. However, you do get what you pay for. If you can’t afford the expensive ones, try starting with cheaper ones before switching to premium backpacks. Mind you; cheaper ones may not be of high quality and comfortable as the expensive ones.

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