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PUGGLES: Basic Things to Know About This Mixed Breed

by Philip Mckinney

A Puggle is a high energetic cross between pugs and beagles. Often called designer dogs, Puggles come in an all-trendy look with short coats, curled tails, and wrinkled foreheads.

Are you considering adopting a Puggle into your home? Then, you should know more about this dog. This mixed breed possesses the squishy features and good stature of a pug with the athleticism and energy of a beagle. All of this you’ll get to know today as we’ll have a close look at the appearance, its temperament, as well as its basic needs, and care.

What Does a Puggle Look Like?

As with all mixed-breed dogs, no two Puggles have the same features. This variation comes in the shape and size of the nose. For some, the nose might look smooshed and puggish in nature, while others may possess the beagle type.

Generally, these dogs trends to possess longer legs than the pug; floppy, forward-folding ears, and a tawny coloring with a medium to short snout. The coat of a Puggle is all short, fine, and soft to touch with a glossy look like a pug’s. It has fewer wrinkles than a pug but some fur around its face. Standing tall at 10-15 inches, they don’t make good lap dogs.

Temperament Of Puggles Dogs

If you check, you’ll notice that most people who love pugs end up going for a Puggle. Like beagles, Puggles are highly energetic dogs who also love to play and associate with other dogs. Its temperament tends to be sweet as these dogs love being very affectionate with their owners. It welcomes new people by wagging its tail to show friendship and face licks.

Puggles love playing with children as they’ve got enough energy and vibe this breed sought after. Puggles can also be trained with patience and positivity, especially at a younger age.


What Are The Basic Living Needs Of A Puggle?

A Puggle is a highly energetic dog that’ll love to be home with a friend in the yard, giving him lots of space to run around and play. You’ll need to allow them to burn out that fun energy in ways suitable for both of you. If not, the results might not be funny at all.

Just like other dogs, they can develop bad behaviors if you don’t allow or assist your Puggle in working out its energy and keeping him mentally fit and stable. Bored Puggles might unleash its discomfort on your sofas, pillows, and even curtains, leaving you with pieces when you return. They aren’t comfortable when left alone for a while but cherish the company of their owners or other dogs.



Due to its high energy level, Puggles will need a lot of exercises (at least an hour daily). Take him out for walks, hiking, jogging, games of fetch, or even some playtime with other dogs at the park or garden.

Talking about his coat, the Puggles coat is short and sheds seasonally. Try brushing him down weekly with a medium bristle brush or rubber grooming mitt to eliminate loose hair. If he’s wrinkly, ensure you clean his wrinkles and ears daily with baby wipes. Do not forget to bathe him if he eventually gets caught up in something messy.

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