by Philip Mckinney

Unlike dogs, cats aren’t known for walking on a Dog leash. As curious felines, they love to climb all over the place, so ensuring their safety when taking a stroll together might be tricky. This is where using a cat harness comes into play.

Training your cat to wear a harness may be easier than you think. In this article today, we’ll closely look at how to choose a cat harness and various ways to use this tool on feline friends.

   What Do I Need To Know About Choosing A Cat Harness  

Maybe you’re looking for a cat harness because you’ve got an active feline who loves having a stroll and demands your company, or you need to take him to the vet for checkups. Whatever the use, it’s important to note that many things need to be considered when choosing a cat harness aside from its looks.

Cats tend to be a bit picky and sensitive, so you’ll have to consider;

  • Leash type
  • Fit

Leash Type

You’ll have to consider the leash type when choosing a cat harness. There are different leash types for your cat harness, some of which are more sturdy and rigid than others.

When taking a stroll, your feline may come in contact with other less friendly fellow felines, so you are advised to opt for a firmer leash. This makes it easier to control your buddy and protect them from these felines. If your feline is on the adventurous side, then you should go for a mere flexible leash.


Though dogs also have harnesses, it isn’t advisable to use them on cats. These harnesses are for dogs alone as they have broader shoulders and bodies. Your feline friend can easily free himself from this harness. In addition, cats do have a more delicate throat than dogs. Due to this, the harness made for them has more cushioning that protects this area and gives a better, streamlined fit.

Also, note that cats move at a different pace and way than dogs. Cat harnesses are made to allow them to move freely anyhow they want to.

HOW to Wear A Cat Harness?

Putting on a cat harness depends solely on your feline master. However, it is recommended you use the slow and steady approach. Let your cat get used to using the harness by inculcating it into your playtime or mealtime. Once they’re used to this for a few days, gently put the harness on their back and reward them with a treat or play. After this, you’ll have to firmly attach the harness to their backs and remember to reward them with a treat again.

You should also consider the type of harness as some harnesses are more easily attached than others. Always stay calm and patient with your feline friend as you sort out ways to get the best harness for him.


There’s much to consider when choosing a harness for your feline master. But, I guess this article has helped you this time. Remember always to stay calm and patient when dealing with your kitty. Harnessing it might take a while, but you’ll get things done right.

Mind you, some cats won’t buy the ideal of harnessing, even after trying your possible best. However, you can just endure and bear with him for the time being.

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