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HOW OFTEN DO YOU WALK YOUR DOG? Top things to consider?

by Philip Mckinney

“When you consistently take your dogs out for a stroll, they stay more fit and healthy”. This is what we normally hear. But come to think of it, how often do you have to walk your dog for them to stay this healthy? And how can you make the most out of a dog walk? Well, this article today covers the basic things you need to know. So, stay calm and read on to understand more!

How Frequently Is Advisable for You to Walk Your Dog?

Deciding how frequently to walk your dog depends on some factors. This includes;

  • The dog’s age
  • Breed
  • Energy level
  • Amount of time you have to stroll with your dog

Below is a rundown of how each factor determines how frequently you walk a dog.

·        Dog’s age

Younger dogs are still active and have more energy. To this effect, they’ll need more exercise than middle-aged (5-8years) dogs and other dogs (9 years and above). These dogs also spend more time playing with their own than older dogs.

But while considering this, always remember middle-aged to older dogs may be suffering from a certain disease, like arthritis, muscle atrophy, hypothyroidism, or even diabetes. All these diseases lower the dog’s stamina; making them real dull. They may be eager to go for a stroll mentally but might not be able to keep up physically.

·        Dog’s breed

The breed of dogs you possess also determines how often you should walk them. Is it a collie, shepherds, pointers, or even papillons? Well, all these dogs have different energy requirements to stay healthy. Some are natural-born sprinters/ athletes, while others can’t do more than just sit peacefully on the couch all day. This can be due to the dog’s breed or the owner’s preference for the dog—for example, the basset hound.

Most people may not see this breed as the perfect jogging companion, but I’ve monitored most basset hounds that are very active with their respective owners.

·        Your Dog’s Energy Level

How much exercise can your dog tolerate? Well, most dogs can go on for a 20-30 minutes walk daily if they’re in good health. Some dogs can even walk for up to 2 hours or go hiking at a time. But this might look more stressful for overweight or obsessed dogs as they may even be unable to walk for 10minuties without having multiple breaks or breathing heavily due to the walk.

To know the suitable amount of time to walk your dog, in view of its ongoing health state, take the dog out for a stroll and screen her energy level. If your dog starts the work at an energetic rate and encourages you for a walk, invest more in her by getting a good dog harness and a sturdy dog leash.

If she slows down after some time, let’s say between 30-40minutes into the walk, she might be all exhausted. Instead of pushing forward for more walks, she may start to pant heavily, look around her surroundings, or sniff around. Quit the stroll and head back home.

Try to monitor her pace going back home. Does it slow down the more, or she’s comfortable with the slower pace? If she slows down the more, that means the distance you guys covered is quite too much. Next time, when going for a walk, try to cover up a shorter distance as you’ll have to account for the time it takes to stroll back home.

Aside from the time it takes for your dog to slow down, you also have to check her behavior after the walk. If she drinks much water and sleeps immediately on her bed without moving for hours, she may have over-exerted herself. If your dog tends to limp during the walk or after she has rested from the long walk, then she has received too much exercise. So, when next you go for a walk, make it shorter.

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